The Karpenters

UK's Number One Carpenters Show

The Karpenters were formed in 2002, with the intention of being much more than just a tribute band. A great effort has been made to fully retain the integrity of the Carpenters music.
Every note from the smallest percussion part to richness of the huge backing vocal sound have been meticulously transcribed, recreating the unique sounds of The Carpenters to perfection. The show incorporates all the wonderful hits of the Carpenters as this six piece live band take you on a nostalgic journey through the life and times of The Carpenters, performing all the hits including "Close to you", "Masquerade", "Top of the World", "Sing", "Rainy Days and Mondays", "Superstar" and "Please Mr. Postman" to name but a few.

The unmistakable sound and costumes make this the most authentic and accurate Carpenter's experience the world has ever seen! As well as the ongoing 'Top of the World' Tour in the UK, The Karpenters are currently negotiating tours in Europe, America, and the Far East.
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