Peter Nørgaard

World Class Ventriloquist and Entertainer!
Peter Nørgaard is a ventriloquist, a magician, and a bona fide entertainer. His major breakthrough came when he reached the finals of his home country’s most important talent show, Denmark´s Got Talent in 2015. Peter Nørgaard wooed the entire nation with his seemingly supernatural skills and his sidekick, Charlie the dog.

Peter´s talent even caught the eye of Terry Fator, ventriloquist of global stardom. Fator was hugely impressed with his Danish colleague. He even invited Peter Nørgaard to appear onstage with him as a special guest star, at the famous Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas.

Since graduating cum laude from The Danish Musical Academy, Peter Nørgaard has appeared in several plays, including Hair, Treasure Island and Avenue Q, the latter being nominated for Danish theatre´s most prestigious award, The Reumert. His talents as a puppeteer has been showcased through a wide variety of performances, including a run in Sesame Street.

A natural entertainer, Peter Nørgaard captures the hearts of kids and grownups alike. The young crowds love his take on well known characters such as Postman Pat and familiar faces from the Cartoon Network´s world of wonders, and for the adult audience, Peter serves up a tour de force of showmanship. Expect crooning, dancing, comedy, magic, and of course eloquent puppets, who won´t stop at conversation; Peter Nørgaard´s puppets sing as well! That´s right – you will experience puppets delivering stunning versions of the most beloved tunes in showbusiness history. As one of only a few in the world, and the only one in Scandinavia, Peter Nørgaard is not only a ventriloquist, but also a ventrilo-SINGER! Seeing Peter´s puppets perform as Tina Turner, Elvis Presley or Louis Armstrong is nothing short of fantastic!

Peter also has a surprise up his sleeve for everyone, along with a few butterflies in the stomach for the lucky member of the audience who is invited onstage to participate in the festivities. It is only just, that Peter Nørgaard has named one of his shows One Night in Las Vegas, as he delivers all the wonder, glamour, energy, and stellar performances of Vega´s entertainment legends.

With Peter Nørgaard´s stage presence and multiple talents, immense energy, and sublime crowd control here only a few years after his breakthrough, it´s safe to say, that: The sky is not the limit – It´s just the beginning!
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