DirkJan Ranzijn

Organist Extraordinaire!

When DirkJan Ranzijn takes the stage and his fingers start dancing on the keys, partying will ensue! The wealth of music streaming from DirkJan´s Böhm Sinfonia 480-organ is quite unbelievable, as he commands a repertoire of some 900 tunes, playing them with both feel and technical perfection.

Out of an artistic family, DirkJan Ranzijn is a born musician and entertainer, and his affection for the scene, the show, and the applause came early. His family was ever encouraging and at age ten, Dirkjan turned a fate-sealing corner when he got a keyboard for Christmas. A lifelong love was born. Learning tunes by ear, he soon impressed everyone with his abilities and his family hired a teacher to nurture the young artist´s skills. With all the enthusiasm, the teaching, the talent, and above all, DirkJan´s love of music, it is no surprise that he handles the organ so virtuously today. Everyone will be dazzled when DirkJan Ranzijn lets the hits rain down on the audience.

DirkJan Ranzijn even caught the attention of the highly popular Danish tv-show Natholdet and was invited to bring his special brand of festivities to their stage. A brand that includes great pop hits, classic rock tunes and larger than life soundtrack pieces, all delivered with never-ending enthusiasm and positive attitude, and even though DirkJan comes with a touch of kitsch, there´s no irony in his performance: DirkJan Ranzijn simply adores what he does.

And what is it, precisely, that he does?

He makes the crowd clap their hands sore and cheer from first to last note. He never misses a beat, he plays magnificently, he puts a smile on every face, and gives the crowd a night to remember. And above all: He makes people happy.
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