Helene Horlyck

Nordic classical crossover artist

Helene – The Magical Nordic Soprano

A voice like no other. Helene possesses a soprano voice which has been described as angelic yet powerful. Her outstanding vocal performance is certain to win over any audience.

Crystal clear as the Nordic air Helene's voice is truly unique. Whether solo or as part of a duet, she delivers an unparalleled musical experience with modern hooks and melody. Moving effortlessly between contemporary and classical sounds her voice is a beautiful combination of pop and ethereal soprano.

2019 will be something to look forward to. As an accomplished songwriter of previous albums Helene is currently back in the studio writing and recording numerous new songs for fans of her silver stream vocals. Several new classical crossover compositions, including collaborations and duets are on the way. But that’s not all.

The end of 2019 will also see Helene enchant the world with a collection of beloved Christmas classics, which has been a dream of hers for many years.

A concert with Helene leaves a memory for a lifetime.
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